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Reiko Taki


Reiko Taki

Born in Kamakura city, Kanagawa prefecture. Graduated from Keio University. Founder of emitore (smile training). Training courses with good humor. Easy to learn and easy to practice approach—gaining good reputations. In personal life, a mother of three girls. Working at home and office and raising children has greatly helped my training courses and lectures.

smile training

Books and Media

『smile training』(Nikkei BP)/Asahi Newspaper/
Nikkei MJ Newspaper/Croissant / Bi-story etc

Lessons from my father

with father

My father used to say “Reiko, being smart does not mean just getting good marks in exams. Be aware that there are many people in the world that have different ways of thinking, and it is important you respect different ideas”

Customs of my grandfather

with grandfather

Japanese tea and OMEZA (sweets) before breakfast. This is how he started his day every morning. I believe it was a moment of tranquility for my grandfather who worked very busily as a doctor. Now it has become my daily routine.